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Unleash your Inner Gods & Goddesses – Deepening Weekend in Bristol with Paola and guest teacher Cristiano Martins 12-13 September

Saturday, September 12 - Sunday, September 13

£120 – £135

Discover and integrate more of your self through the amazing power of archetypal dances. Will you dare to step into who you really are and what you really want in life?

This deepening weekend is an invitation to explore the power of archetypal dances to tap into your multifaceted innate potentials by embodying the qualities of different god and goddess archetypes.

We hope you can join us. If you have any questions or would like to book please email paolabiodanza@gmail.com

Investment: £135 or £120 (deposit of £50 with booking)
For bookings and further information please email paolabiodanza@gmail.com

Time: 11am – 4:45pm on Saturday and 10am to 4:45pm on Sunday.

We will have a sharing circle and two dance sessions on both days with a break in the middle to share lunch / food. Please bring something simple to share. Thank you.

What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is a dance-based system of human integration created in the 1960s by a psychologist and anthropologist called Rolando Toro.

It is a way of keeping the body in balance, reclaiming the wholeness of your being, and embracing the wisdom of your instincts.

It is about embodiment, human potential, whole health, positive emotions, and learning about Life through group experiences induced by music and movement. It is a way of learning to dance with life, rediscover the pleasure of living, and become all that you are.

The movements are easy and simple to do. No dance experience required. Movement is used a tool to trigger positive and integrative experiences. All you need is the willingness to be open to new experiences.

A little about Gods and Goddesses in Biodanza

Our inner Gods and Goddesses are archetypal images that arise from our collective unconscious. Each of these images corresponds to a particular type of energy and is associated to natural tendencies shared by all human beings.

Carl Jung observed that due to cultural, family and personal circumstances, some of these archetypes were more active in individuals whereas others lay dormant. In this workshop we will summon up and embody the different qualities of the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Examples of such archetypical qualities are
Demeter – Nourishment, protection, caregiving
Persephone – Intuition, inner world
Poseidon – Passions and emotions
Ares – Warrior aggressiveness
Aphrodite – Sensual seduction
Athena – Reason, strategy, rationality
Dionysus – Instinctive drives
Hermes – Communication
Isis and Osiris – The ability to be reborn and transform

These archetypes also represent different patterns of behaviour that we can adopt when the need arises. By embodying and balancing them we can develop our potentials, increase our personal power, live more fully, and become all that we can be.

Before his death, Jung realised that his approach to the archetypal contents of the unconscious lacked physicality. Rolando Toro, the psychologist and anthropologist who created the Biodanza system, incorporated the body into Jung´s work.

Through different dance movement exercises, Biodanza offers a way to embody the archetypes, to experience and realise their qualities in the body. This way we can tap into our strength or sensitivity, our intuition or reason, and so forth, as and we need it.

These archetypal dances work at an unconscious level, making them deeply transformative.



Saturday, September 12
Sunday, September 13
£120 – £135
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0775 8448843


St Michael´s on the Mount School Hall
Park Lane
Bristol, BS2 8BE United Kingdom
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